April 13, 2009

A medley of cups and things

I've been slowly sorting through the new pots to get them ready. I only have to lightly sand them with sandpaper to remove the rough or dry spots that the soda creates. I've also been trying to get all the other piles of loose ends completed before I get rolling in the studio again. My next firing will be with Will in his wood and soda kiln the end of May, so I'm just making half a kiln load for that. I'm going to be designing a new portion of shelving for my booth display soon, so I've been sketching out ideas to form a plan of what I want before I get all of the wood and start building. There's also that baby soda kiln I want to build out here very soon, so I have to start scrounging materials for that.

But I'm taking a few days off to get out and do some hiking. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, I went out to Max Patch, along the Appalachian Trail. There were so many wildflowers I found down deep along the trail; dutchman's britches, trillium, mayapple, and wild geranium to name a few. It was so bright and sunny I hardly took pictures because the lighting was so harsh, but I'm not complaining. Now we're back to a cloudy rainy day, there have been so many cloudy days this spring, it seems like we have to fight for the sun these days.

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Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Joy! I'm curious to see what you come up with for your shelving... In the meantime, happy hiking!