March 17, 2013

Blue Ridge Potters Guild workshop

Will and I are headed up to Roanoke, Virginia to co-teach a workshop for the Blue Ridge Potters Guild next weekend. It's always fun doing these pottery workshops together; while many aspects of our career and approaches to clay have been similar, there are differences in how we work that are fun to discover and learn from.  We have a similar eye in regards to form so it's fun having a running dialog in the studio about what each of us is working on, with the result of this often sparking new ideas for each other.  When we get back, it's glazing time for a spring wood firing is in our midst!

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Ben Carter said...

Awesome! That is my home town. I hope you guys have fun. Say hello to Dave Ovenshire if you see him. He is a local potter that is involved with the organization. Have fun!