May 13, 2013

Breaking ground

Well, not quite yet. Studio plans have just begun. It seems a daunting task since we have never built anything before.  So getting started is the hard part, but hopefully once we get going it will feel like we're actually getting somewhere.  I'm not actually worried about the kilns since we know how to build kilns and we already have the bricks waiting in a big pile for us.  It's the actual studio building where there are so many unknowns. 

This is the field I'll one day get to look out into from my studio window! The quiet valley is a perfect place for making, and each day we hear wood thrushes, hawks and owls nearby.  I can't wait until I can walk across the yard after breakfast and go throw pots.  Having impermanent studios for the last 9 years, now it is time to have my own permanent studio and I'm so ready for this change.  Right now I'm working on my last making cycle up at the EnergyXChange, I'll probably fire the wood kiln a couple more times and then we'll move out the end of September.  Here's to a big year ahead!


smartcat said...

How exciting to be building a studio to your specifications.....after so many years of impermanence.

Having your own space is great, no doubt about it!

I'm looking forward to many progress photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,

Building one as well and it is the first building I've done as well. Couple of things I learned right off is to plan for the site to withstand weather until dried in. mop waterproofer on the subfloor and plan ahead with tarps and such for the various stages.